Monday, July 29, 2013

LOVE AND WAR (quickie w/Bdiz)

Love…is not a battlefield

It’s not what some make it out to be
Hand in hand gestures sometimes 
Misconstrued to be one in the same, but 
When outside interferences try to cause 
A battle by those who are so miserable with 
Themselves and want everyone around them 
As miserable as they are, they become “Love Haters”
But the object is to see past the ill intent and the fakers

No…Love is not a battlefield
But when the Love Haters declare war on 
What they believe is a weakness in Loves Armor
 It’s worth fighting for and sometimes you 
Find yourself on the frontlines, but when you’re
Armed with Trust, Respect and dangerously in Love 
You have to present a unified front, so no matter the
Weapon of choice they try and detonate the destruction
Implodes instead of explodes and after the smoke clears
True Loves foundation will remain

But, the war doesn't end 
And you have to do everything 
Not to change and maintain because
You have those who fail to respect the
Boundaries of your relationship, they come 
Equipped with grenades of bullshit, behind
Smoke-screens with key-boards
Not realizing before making moves that 
True Love is like notifications already knowing 
What they're trying 
To do

All you require is a soldier who is willing to get
Down in the trenches and fight the frienemies and foes
With you then the only casualties will be from the opposition
The ones who cock back their keyboards heat seeking your
Happiness, trying to gun down your future with screaming 
Bullets of jealousy...but when Love is presented through 
Divine intervention no weapon formed formed against you 
shall prosper

Needless to say, these are life lessons 
Proverbial scribes scripted in a form of gifted 
Gift giving to help keep your own love alive
Platoon ready ducking shots of doubt
To show that real Love isnt superficial 
Adult mentalities and pens as our pistols 
Never tired of this Love, so no treading on us
With matching fatigues 
We Ride or Die

All Rights Reserved © July 2013 Quise Williams

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EVElyns Bluez...

First lady
As Michelle to
Barack but he's the
Adam that dropped 
The bomb, conjuring
Up these bluez
Thirsting for his
Hunger to be fed
To stroke his own
Ego with chest poked
Out simply because
He's man
Failing to compromise
Or communicate
Stating that," Men do
The hunting"
Without using the
Necessary tools of
Just a simple gesture
From, his counter-part
He goes it blindly and alone
Rolling stone
Hinges, too 
Heavy for him
To bare so he 
Returns the same
Way he left
Hollowed out
Like a turtle's
Shell, the same
Kind he's used to
Crawling in to
Hide his shame
He couldn't bare
The pain of witnessing
Her with hunger pains
So, she claimed that
She could do what he
Couldn't to relieve them
Returning with
Bushels of  the forbbiden
Knowing, if eaten
The world's suffering
Would be limitless but
Her thoughts were
She's suffered enough
Taking the first
Bite, juices running
Down her mouth as
The sweet smell and
Her seducing him
With her sensual
Prowess, reducing
His strength and
Will, leaving him
Powerless to
Her advances
Watching her as
She dances
Calling him forward
To take part in
The way she's
Moving, juices
Now streaming
Down her neck
He goes to kiss
Her and, tastes it
His lust for her flesh
Combined with hunger
He couldn't take it
Biting the fruit
They feast on
Lust bringing
Eternal damnation
Of strange fruit
He blames her
Resulting in
EVElyn's Bluez

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I feel it...
It runs thru the
Coarse of my veins
Like injections
Thats been injected
Since conception
I accepted....
The fact that, this
Is life for me..
Like a sentence, written or,
handed down, this...
Is life for me..
Power points like,
Needles stuck
The blood I bleed is
Black or Blue ink...
I feel it...
It runs thru the
Coarse of my veins...


All Rights Reserved © April 2013 Quise Williams

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Perfected to perfection
To fitting between
And beneath mine
The gatekeeper to
Where seduction lies
The corridor to every
Beautiful unlocked thought
Casting Spells
Watching them form
To produce
The sounds in which
Angels sing
In the hues
Poectic artistry
Just to see them speak
Your lips
All Rights Reserved © March 2013 Quise Williams

Sunday, March 17, 2013


When two Loves parallel
Becoming weightless
No weight projected 
On any scale
No one outweighs
The other
There's a balance there
Being the beginning of
My days just as
I end your nights
Being the strength
To your counter's weaknesses
Mental and emotional
That spiritual connected
The swing to my pendulum
Able to read
The fine print
Embedded at the
Bottom of your soul
Etched in ink
Able to taste
The words being presented 
Representing what
The truth of those words mean
Spilled from lips
Without hesitation
I Love You         
                         All Rights Reserved © March 2013 Quise Williams

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Weapon of choice..
Rotation of mind
One dropped in
Fully loaded clip
Dropped in chamber
Sights locked in
Dangerous mind
Top slid back
I spit with
No kick back
Tight grip
I spit that
Automatic shit
Squeeze off
Without blinking
Black out
Without thinking
Heart racing
Witness the rain of
Spent shell casings
Hit the deck
No silencer
Silencing all
Negative dropped dimes
When I drop lines
Armed & Dangerous
The weapon of choice...
My mind

 All Rights Reserved © February 2013 Quise Williams