Tuesday, April 16, 2013

EVElyns Bluez...

First lady
As Michelle to
Barack but he's the
Adam that dropped 
The bomb, conjuring
Up these bluez
Thirsting for his
Hunger to be fed
To stroke his own
Ego with chest poked
Out simply because
He's man
Failing to compromise
Or communicate
Stating that," Men do
The hunting"
Without using the
Necessary tools of
Just a simple gesture
From, his counter-part
He goes it blindly and alone
Rolling stone
Hinges, too 
Heavy for him
To bare so he 
Returns the same
Way he left
Hollowed out
Like a turtle's
Shell, the same
Kind he's used to
Crawling in to
Hide his shame
He couldn't bare
The pain of witnessing
Her with hunger pains
So, she claimed that
She could do what he
Couldn't to relieve them
Returning with
Bushels of  the forbbiden
Knowing, if eaten
The world's suffering
Would be limitless but
Her thoughts were
She's suffered enough
Taking the first
Bite, juices running
Down her mouth as
The sweet smell and
Her seducing him
With her sensual
Prowess, reducing
His strength and
Will, leaving him
Powerless to
Her advances
Watching her as
She dances
Calling him forward
To take part in
The way she's
Moving, juices
Now streaming
Down her neck
He goes to kiss
Her and, tastes it
His lust for her flesh
Combined with hunger
He couldn't take it
Biting the fruit
They feast on
Lust bringing
Eternal damnation
Of strange fruit
He blames her
Resulting in
EVElyn's Bluez

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I feel it...
It runs thru the
Coarse of my veins
Like injections
Thats been injected
Since conception
I accepted....
The fact that, this
Is life for me..
Like a sentence, written or,
handed down, this...
Is life for me..
Power points like,
Needles stuck
The blood I bleed is
Black or Blue ink...
I feel it...
It runs thru the
Coarse of my veins...


All Rights Reserved © April 2013 Quise Williams