Monday, July 29, 2013

LOVE AND WAR (quickie w/Bdiz)

Love…is not a battlefield

It’s not what some make it out to be
Hand in hand gestures sometimes 
Misconstrued to be one in the same, but 
When outside interferences try to cause 
A battle by those who are so miserable with 
Themselves and want everyone around them 
As miserable as they are, they become “Love Haters”
But the object is to see past the ill intent and the fakers

No…Love is not a battlefield
But when the Love Haters declare war on 
What they believe is a weakness in Loves Armor
 It’s worth fighting for and sometimes you 
Find yourself on the frontlines, but when you’re
Armed with Trust, Respect and dangerously in Love 
You have to present a unified front, so no matter the
Weapon of choice they try and detonate the destruction
Implodes instead of explodes and after the smoke clears
True Loves foundation will remain

But, the war doesn't end 
And you have to do everything 
Not to change and maintain because
You have those who fail to respect the
Boundaries of your relationship, they come 
Equipped with grenades of bullshit, behind
Smoke-screens with key-boards
Not realizing before making moves that 
True Love is like notifications already knowing 
What they're trying 
To do

All you require is a soldier who is willing to get
Down in the trenches and fight the frienemies and foes
With you then the only casualties will be from the opposition
The ones who cock back their keyboards heat seeking your
Happiness, trying to gun down your future with screaming 
Bullets of jealousy...but when Love is presented through 
Divine intervention no weapon formed formed against you 
shall prosper

Needless to say, these are life lessons 
Proverbial scribes scripted in a form of gifted 
Gift giving to help keep your own love alive
Platoon ready ducking shots of doubt
To show that real Love isnt superficial 
Adult mentalities and pens as our pistols 
Never tired of this Love, so no treading on us
With matching fatigues 
We Ride or Die

All Rights Reserved © July 2013 Quise Williams