Saturday, January 26, 2013


Reminiscent of being branded
Brandishing steel magnolias 
Equipped with
Standard issues without subscriptions
Becoming blood's donor
Without permission
Payed tuition
1 life lost..down to 8
Half past 8
Rain's forecast of 100
Doing 35
In a curve at a 60 degree angle
Late bloomer
Autobahn scurries to be first
In merging lanes
Clips front
Ending innocent voyage
Sending me tail-spinning
360 degree x 2 up-side down
Causing an ending
Preparing me for a 
New beginning
2 lives lost...down to 7
Wake up call
3 am
Preparing for
Life's livlihood
Hops in ride
Indigo skies
Clear highway
By way of highway 45
The way I continue
My morning drive
Not knowing
Do Not Enter
Street sign
Not laying be-side
But, mid freeway
Not seen til
Point- blank range
Hit point-blank, frame
Pops air-bag
Blinded by plastic
Re-gained vision
Too late
Guard rail
Head-on collision
3rd life lost
6 lives remain
All Rights Reserved © January 2013 Quise Williams

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