Saturday, February 16, 2013


She flies
And she's fly
Just as the plane that 
Carries her to warm embraces
Angel wings
Sitting on winged seat
Staring down at Love's eyes
Shaded by her flared wings
Infrared dots, project where
Shots of Love's injection
Pierced skin into
Metronomed beats of what
Gives me life
She flies
And she's fly
She gives me life
Like longevity
With gray hair sitting on
Porched chairs
Watching the stars
Orion's belt connecting
Our interlocked fingers
Wrapped in 
Stone-cut cyphers
That shine like
The stars in which
We gaze
Exhumed with
Indigo spirits
She flies
And she's fly

All Rights Reserved © February 2013 Quise Williams


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