Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I Wouldn't Give/duet w Bdiz

What I wouldn’t give...

To have your skin...pressed against my skin

Feeding off your energy

Angelic kisses

Tickled earlobe whispers

Just a touch to know that we live

What I wouldn’t give...

To feel your hair, brush across my face

Face to face…only to stare into your eyes

Reading what you're thinking...in silence

What I wouldn’t give...

To wrap your femininity within my masculinity

Just to have you close to me

And drift

Into a peaceful sleep


What I wouldn’t give…

To have your arms and legs intertwined
With mine, resting the activity of our limbs
One atop the other

Your genesis holding my revelation
Suffocating the air between us

Holding me tight enough to feel my wings
Pressed into your chest…tight enough to feel
The expansion of your lungs, behind the space 
in your bones where you were lacking now 
reaching for me

Conversations where there are 
no words just inhales and exhales
Allowing our lungs to speak what 
Our hearts feel

Gentle caresses

Finger tipped confessions

Feeling the palm of your hand against
My cheek, imprinting your life line there

What I wouldn’t give…

To fall asleep to poetic lullabies
Your lyrics cascading down from
Earlobes, whispering love into my 

Just to be close to you

Set adrift and make memories with you

To rest easy…with you

With the assurance that you will
Kiss a sunrise into my spine 
Breathe a blue sky into my body 
Signaling the start of a new day
Its Morning

All Rights Reserved © February 2013 Quise Williams 

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